"Hello! I'm Matthew Russell. (They/Them)
I have spent most of my professional time as a Theatrical Lighting Designer as well as within Organizational Mass Communications within the Memphis, TN area. My work may been seen within two Memphis Museums as a part of temporary and permanent exhibit elements.

My skills, passions, and creativity extend beyond the stage, the screen, and the museum floor.
I am passionate about immersive art, interactivity, things you can experience; art that facilitates environments where we may relax, enjoy ourselves, explore, empathize, socialize, and play.

I became a designer in lights, sound, and scenery to combine my diverse skillset. I use concepts of STEAM thinking within my workflow, using Math, Science, and our world to inform design decisions.
Art serves the people, the planet, our communities.

It represents who we are as a society in a moment in time.

Art is an essential building block of society. It serves as a mirror; by providing us with amusement while facilitating an environment of inclusivity. Through the collaborative art process our stories begin to transcend the barriers of language, distance, and conflict.

I am a maker, an artist, an advocate for our world.
I stand for compassion, kindness, peace and understanding.

Have an interesting project? Want to get to know me better? Want to see my resume? 
Give me a shout below!"
(Based out of Memphis, TN | Open to travel, relocation)
Thank you!
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