Hello! I'm Matthew "MB" Russell. (They/Them) 
I am a Theatrical Lighting Designer & Production Manager based out of the Memphis, TN area; available nationally for work. 
A glance at my work experience will tell you I am seeker of knowledge. Find me in a plethora of environments: creating museum exhibits, teaching, building a set, or typing rapidly behind the lighting console. 
My skills, passions, and creativity extend beyond the stage, the screen, and the museum floor; I am passionate about immersive art, interactivity, things you can experience; art that facilitates environments where we may relax, enjoy ourselves, explore, empathize, socialize, and play. 
I became a designer in lights, sound, and scenery to channel my diverse skillset. I integrate the concepts of STEAM Design Thinking within my workflow, making great use of Math, Science, and the science of Socio-Physical relationships to inform design decisions. 
Art serves the people, the planet, our communities. It represents who we are as a society in a moment in time. Art is an essential building block of society. 
I am a maker, an artist, an advocate for our world. 
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Proudly Non-Binary | Proudly Neurodivergent
Summary of Professional Work Experience
Entertainment Lighting Designer & Electrician/Sound Designer & Engineer/Carpenter 
Various, United States of America, 2018 - Present 
Serve as Theatrical Artist and Technical Support at various entertainment venues across the Mid-South. Arts Education, Community Organizations, and Professional. Small Blackbox spaces to touring roadhouses. IATSE local #69, Freelance, and Overhire.

Technical Director 
Germantown Community Theatre, Aug. 2023 - June 2024 
Operate, maintain, and safeguard the technical assets of the theatre, including supervising the use of lighting, sound, communications equipment, and the use and maintenance of stage facilities. Determine the necessary technical supports, such as lighting, sound, staging, and other special needs necessary for events and performances presented at the facility in advance of production dates. Assist guest designers and artists with technical matters. Full-time. 
Assistant Preparator 
Memphis Museum of Science & History - MoSH, Nov. 2022 - Jan 2023 
Assist the preparator and collaborate with Exhibits Department in all aspects of Exhibition Install, Planning, Design, Assembly, and Deinstall. Serve as the primary manager of exhibit lighting and Audio-Visual components. Draft Exhibit CAD layouts. Ensure AAM, Environmental, and City of Memphis standards are followed throughout preparation process. AAM Accredited Museum. Full-time. 

Exhibits & Facilities Technician 
Children's Museum of Memphis, June 2022 - Nov. 2022 
Provide part-time support for Exhibit Fabrication, Maintenance, Install. Serve as primary painter for exhibits. Troubleshoot and repair exhibit elements, monitor exhibit safety within an open play environment. AAM Accredited Museum. 

Advancement Intern 
University of Memphis, Memphis TN. Jan. 2021 - Jan. 2022 
Provide part-time support for projects submitted to the Advancement Communications division. Video projects, photography, graphic design in line with brand standards, Web Design, and content development within the AP style. 
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre: Design and Technical Production | University of Memphis | Magna Cum Laude
Community Involvement 
Scouts BSA Eagle Scout, Germantown Community Theatre, Harrell Theatre, Tennessee Shakespeare Co., Cordova High School, S.T.A.R. Council, HSMTA, UofM Fred Mertz Assoc. 
Photography, Videography, Trompe L'oeil, EOS family console programming, MIDI, Live Event Busking, Chain Motor operation, Theatrical Rigging Standards and Inspection, Theatre Architecture & Facility Planning, Facilities Maintenance, Electrical Repair, AV Repair, Single & Double Purchase fly operation, CNC Machinery, 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Model Making, Project Management, Leadership, & more!
Thank you!
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